Hotel Pool


     I’m Miguel a budding entrepreneur. I recently retired after 20+ years as a law enforcement professional. I had some previous business ventures before my career, so when I was introduced into my new venture I was excited. I had a 22-year-old rookie police officer who impressed me with his enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration and dedication to this program that I went all in from the start.

     I got motivated and immediately enrolled my first four (4) all in customer/representatives, I earned my wings and was really excited. I got my (4) now I don’t have to pay anymore so i was really hype, then the crash came and it was disheartening. Working Monday through Friday and getting stuck for overtime almost everyday didn’t help me with my team building and keeping my existing members on the team. So being tired and overworked I decided to retire and give my business all my attention to make it grow.

     So now I’m learning new techniques and strategies to help me build my business. This is one of the reasons why I got into blogging, so I can share what I have to offer with other motivated and inspired people. If you like to travel and vacation you can buy the product and become a customer of the greatest vacation club. Where you can travel the World with various locations throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Or you can go throughout the United States on several curated vacations in several states.

     If you want to really maximize your earning potential you can become an Independent Representative and share this product with others. By sharing with others you can meet higher compensation levels and incentives, such as the Wings and Wheels. Your Wings are earned when you enroll your first (4) people and they stay as customers you pay no more dues. When you enroll a total of five (5) people you earn your Wheels bonus which starts at $300. With six (6) or more people the bonus starts at $400 and increases as the number of people increases until the max of up to $900 a month. So if you can see yourself driving a company paid Silver BMW join the Team.

     So if you’re a self-motivated and inspired person join our Team-No-Sleep family share, help and inspire others. So click on the link below so that you can get more information. angelsdreams828/join


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