Blogging 101: Dress Up Your Side Bar

Dress Up Your Side Bar

I had liked how my main sidebar widgets set up, I had the you are following this blog. I also had my Facebook page like box, which shows everyone that liked the page. I then added the gallery widget so that I can display some of the photos that are listed in my post. On my showcase sidebar I have my follow button and added the top post and page widget so that visitors can see whats most popular. I feel happy with this new look. 

Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Community

Be Inspired by the Community

A few days ago I commented on post by Something Like A Storybook’s blog, A Poem for 911. That fateful morning I was sleeping because at the time I was working on the 3 X 11 tour as a NYC Correction Officer. The night before walking through the Rikers Island Parking lot you get a view of the NYC skyline. So I saw the Majestic Twin Towers standing tall with the Empire State Building all lit up as I was crossing what is now known as the RFK Bridge. Then to wake up and watch the news to see the planes hitting the buildings and then they came down. My sister-in-law a NYPD Detective called me and asked me to pick up her son from school in Manhattan and that turned out to be an adventure as to they weren’t letting anyone cross into Manhattan from the Bronx. After about an hour and a half of stop and go traffic I was able to approach a NYPD Officer and I showed him my shield and ID and was the only vehicle allowed to cross the bridge. After picking up all the children from school I took them all to their grandmother’s house so that I can get ready for work. Again about another 2 hours just to cross a bridge into Manhattan and then to queens and that was in full uniform. When I was finally allowed to get access to the RFK Bridge there were more pedestrians than cars on the bridge. When crossing the bridge all you saw was a cloud of smoke where the towers once stood the night before. How one fateful morning changed so many lives.